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Greenwich, CT - May 19, 2014

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Charity Champions

Charity Champions Grand Prize Presentation at Convent of the Sacred Heart HS

Senator Richard Blumenthal and State Representative Livvy Floren joined Optimum's Power to Learn in recognizing Convent of the Sacred Heart High School as a grand prize winner in this year's Charity Champions. 500 students and staff attended the ceremony and RSCJ Educational Mission Director Sister Irene Cullen was presented with the $5,000 check. Senator Blumenthal and Representative Floren both spoke about the importance of community service and thanked the students for their efforts. Charity Champions is a program from Optimum that promotes volunteerism and encourages area high schools to raise money for a charity of their choice. The students at Convent of the Sacred Heart decided to raise money for RSCJ Educational Mission, a non-profit organization committed to building schools and providing educational opportunities to girls in Uganda and Kenya. They raised over $16,000 for the charity through fundraising events this school year.

"It's evident that all of the students were committed to this initiative from the start and determined to win," said Senator Blumenthal. "I congratulate them on a job well done. Everyone is entitled to an education and the students here are true agents of change in the lives of young people in Uganda and Kenya. I also commend Cablevision for its Charity Champions program that helps motivate young people to help those in need across the globe, as well as in their hometown."

Representative Floren also noted, "The concern for others shown by the students, faculty and parents who participated is indeed impressive. They gave generously of their time and energy throughout the year and I applaud them for their dedication. I'd also like to thank Cablevision for its Charity Champions program that offers young people a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives."