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Litchfield, CT - April 24, 2014

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Student News

Litchfield Center School Third-Graders Recognized for Daily Morning News Program

Third-grade students at the Litchfield Center School were recognized today by Optimum’s Power to Learn for the creation of a daily morning news program that broadcasts every day. The student-hosted program includes reporting of daily events, school announcements, birthdays and other fun facts. State Senator Clark Chapin, State Representative Craig Miner and First Selectman Leo Paul also attended and were interviewed by student anchors on the taping of the daily program. The segment will also be featured on Cablevision’s local Neighborhood News.

“Congratulations to each of the students involved in the broadcast today for a job well done,” said Senator Chapin. “Such opportunities help young people strengthen their writing and speaking skills, as well as their confidence. I also applaud Optimum Power to Learn for recognizing the efforts of these talented young people.”

Representative Miner noted, “I was amazed at the poise of each of the third-grade anchors involved with today’s taping. It was clear they had done their research and their questions were fun and perceptive. Clearly they have already started on a path to success and I commend Power to Learn for featuring their efforts on Neighborhood News.”

“Young people are the wave of the future and I am confident that these remarkable third-graders will be successful in their future endeavors,” said First Selectman Paul. “They already are motivated and have a head start on learning to research a topic. They did a great job.”