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Ransomware Continues to be a Problem

Can you imagine how you would feel if a voice came through your computer’s speakers demanding a Bitcoin payment in return for your private tax files or for not telling the world about a medical con

Competitors with Capabilities

The potential for a widespread cyberattack on the US by another country or a terrorist cell is a real fear for Adm. Michael Rogers, head of US Cyber Command.

iPhone Users Have the Power to Make Their Phones Less Hackable

The most recent development in the story of searching the San Bernardino terrorist’s cell phone is that the FBI has

When it Comes to Parental Controls - Apple vs Android

When you hand a child a smartphone, no matter how sensible and responsible the child, it is easy for digital savvy to outstrip judgment says Caroline Knorr, the parenting editor of

California Law Limits Use of Student Data

A new California law that recently took effect will prohibit education-tec

Seven Kinds of Cyberattacks

Former White House cybersecurity official Richard Clarke recently spoke at a health conf

Don’t Take Anything at Face Value - Misinformation

For a long time many watchers of the digital landscape have quietly been saying that the biggest cybersecurity risk is not identity theft, but misinformation.

Hackers and Your Personal Information – Assessing Your Risk

Do you think your personal information may have been exposed to hackers? You are not alone. Half of American adults had their personal information exposed to hackers last year.

Hackers and Hospital Networks

A new trend in cybercrime is exploiting the increased use of connected digital devices in medical settings.

Google Warns Security Questions Aren’t Secure

Google researchers have found that many common security questions can be guessed within 10 tr