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Creating Strong Passwords

By now you should be aware that creating strong passwords is vital for preventing hackers and snoops to getting into your online accounts, but most people still rely on one or two passwords for all

Are the Days of Online Password Entry Numbered?

Cyber security professionals are predicting that the era of user name/ password credentials will soon be a thing of the past with all of the cyber-attacks that have been occurring.

10 Million Passwords Released Online in the Name of Security

Security researcher Mark Burnett posted a database of 10 million usernames and passwords in early Februa

How to Protect Web-Connected Cameras from Hackers

Web-connected security cameras and baby monitors are devices found in many households.

How Safe Is the Cloud?

The recent incident of the posting of hacked celebrity photos after a iCloud software security breach, has many questioning whether the technology can ever be used safely. Proponents of the cloud counter that no technology or application is safe or unsafe in and of itself, and that taking the right precautions can greatly mitigate any vulnerabilities...

Keeping Your Data Safe From Hackers

In the wake of revelations about the hundreds of millions of email address and other types of personal identification being hacked, there are some simple things you can do to protect yourself...

Stolen Passwords and Your Password Security

In the wake of the news that a Russian crime ring has stolen 1.2 billion username and password combinations and 500 million email addresses, it is time to think about your password collection once again...

Watch Out for that USB Device

When it comes to school projects involving groups, one of the greatest inventions has been the USB drive for carrying files from house to house and home to school...

Proposed Legislation to Protect Student Data Privacy

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the US Senate to help protect the privacy of students. Called the “Protecting Student Privacy Act”, this legislation would set limits on how companies collect and use student data and would require companies to...

Who is Responsible For Taking on Cyberbullying?

While the article Who's responsible for tackling cyber bullying? appears on the web site of an Australian newspaper, the Brisbane Times, the message is a universal one...